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Sam Rollinson: Relax! It's only fashion

Sam Rollinson: Relax! It's only fashion

Sam Rollinson keeps calm and carries on when it comes to fashion.

The British model was scouted at the age of 13, and while she was initially hesitant to follow a career in fashion, she's now an in-demand face.

Her schedule is packed full of campaign shoots for the likes of Burberry and Balenciaga and walking in shows around the world, including a whopping 63 during one Fashion Week season.

"I just think keep calm, it’s only fashion," Sam smiled to British newspaper The Guardian.

Sam puts her success down to her ability not to worry, and also doesn't get downhearted when she doesn't book a job.

“That and a thick skin, because ultimately it’s out of your hands whether you get a job or not. It’s all about how you look and there’s not much you can do about that," she shrugged.

As an established model, the brunette now enjoys all the perks of being one of the industry's leading faces. However it wasn't until she shot the Burberry campaign with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Douglas Booth in 2010 that she really started enjoying her vocation.

“I was 14 and on shoots with loads of adults; I was shy and didn’t know what to say to anyone. I mean, being 14, 15, is an awkward time for anyone, so it’s weird going through that as a model. But I got used to it and it was good to have the opportunity to do that, I think Select [agency] were really good at working with me. If I’d been scouted at 18 and gone straight into catwalk work, it would have completely overwhelmed me," she confessed.

Now she fully embraces her stylish lifestyle.

“Me and Charlotte [Wiggins, model] get dressed by designers – Chanel and Saint Laurent are my favourites, stuff I don’t have in my wardrobe but I’m allowed to borrow – and go to these posh dos with free champagne," Sam revealed.

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