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Ryan Reynolds takes 11-month-old daughter on hikes

Ryan Reynolds takes 11-month-old daughter on hikes

Ryan Reynolds' favourite workout is taking his 11-month-old daughter on hikes with him.

The 'Deadpool' actor - who has daughter James with wife Blake Lively - had to bulk up to play the antihero in the upcoming film but has confessed not all of his workouts took place in the gym.

He said: "I take her on hikes all the time. It's great!

"She's outside all the time. One of the reasons I go hiking is for exercise, so having an 18 pound baby on you is just a better workout!"

The 39-year-old star has been a lover of the great outdoors since he signed up for an environmental awareness and survival course at his Canadian high school.

Ryan told Us Weekly: "That time was spent living on glaciers and building snow caves and living in the forest and building lean-tos and kayaking.

"It just gave me a kind of outlook that I really didn't have before.

"I definitely thought I was immune to the pitfalls of injury or death. I would have lived on a glacier for weeks on end wearing nothing but tighty-whities if they let me!"

And Ryan would love to see James sign up for a similar experience when she's older.

He added: "That programme changed my life."