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Ryan Reynolds' minimalist wardrobe

Ryan Reynolds' minimalist wardrobe

Ryan Reynolds would happily wear the same "two t-shirts" for the rest of his life.

The 39-year-old actor has admitted he takes a very simple approach to his fashion sense and wouldn't mind if he just had two outfits hanging in his wardrobe rather than a stash of designer gear, much to his stylish wife Blake Lively's annoyance.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, the 'Deadpool' star said: "I'm a real minimalist. I think she looks at my closet and knows in her heart that I'd be so happy owning two T-shirts, two pairs of pants, some underwear and socks and that would be it."

And, although he's not overly clued up on fashion, Ryan understands why Blake, with whom he has 20-month-old daughter James and another child on the way, is so passionate about clothes because she has a natural flare for it.

He explained to the publication: "I think fashion is a fully legitimate form of artistic expression, so it's one of the few ways we as human beings get to express ourselves without a giant canvas sitting in front of us. I like to see it that way, and I like that [Blake]'s passionate about it."

However, although he doesn't have an interest in clothes, Ryan believes he's practical when it comes to what he wears when he's out and about outdoors.

He said: "It's not just functional anymore; it's also fashionable, so you can get some pretty high-quality stuff that looks good as well. I'm a big outdoorsman. My relationship with the outdoors is a long, storied one and something that I value greatly, so it's something I hope to continue well into my 90s. After that, f**k it!"