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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley won the Best New Celebrity Fragrance award

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley won the Best New Celebrity Fragrance award

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has won the Best New Celebrity Fragrance award for Rosie For Autograph Eau De Parfum.

The 29-year-old English supermodel - who began her partnership with the long standing retail store Marks & Spencer in 2012 - has been awarded the accolade for her signature scent from the company's Rosie for Autograph fragrance collection, which she launched in 2015, following the 24th annual Fragrance Foundation Awards 2016 ceremony held in London's Old Brewery on Thursday (12.05.16).

The blonde beauty took to social media on Tuesday (17.05.16) to broadcast the news, and posted an image of the perfume alongside her trophy, which she captioned: "Such a lovely surprise today finding out #RosieforAutograph Eau De Parfum was voted the 'Best New Celebrity Fragrance 2015' by #TheFragranceFoundation, big thank you to the organisation for this honour! (sic)."

Since launching her lingerie line for Marks & Spencer, the blonde beauty extended the range with the perfume additions and has recently included a make-up capsule, which she released in January this year.

Meanwhile, the Victoria's Secret Angel - who has modelled for the lingerie brand since 2006 - has recruited a naturopath who has put her on a "brutal" eating plan, which includes cutting out sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol.

Speaking previously, she said: "I grew up on a farm so it has always been about meat and two veg. Now, I am building much more awareness of a healthy balance.

"Recently I decided to try a diet plan by a Doctor called Doctor Nigma Talib and she is actually a naturopath and she believes good skin and well-being starts in the gut. She said 'If you want to be on my plan you have to cut out sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol.' And I'm not going to lie it's been brutal, it's been a really big challenge, it took a couple of weeks to get into it but I have been doing it for six weeks and I feel fantastic.

"It's certainly not something that would be realistic to keep up all year round, but it's made me much more mindful of my choices.

"I definitely will be re-introducing some cakes and some cheese and some wine here and there."

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is currently helming campaigns for the hair care brand Moroccan Oil, which she first partnered with in 2014.