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Rosie H-W: Take one for the team

Rosie H-W: Take one for the team

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley believes the key to becoming a successful model is to be a "trouper".

The blonde beauty landed her first modelling stint, a Levi's jeans commercial, aged 16, and over ten years later the 27-year-old is one of the biggest fashion stars on the planet.

Known for her down-to-earth nature, Rosie maintains a positive attitude while on set for work and makes sure to surround herself with "bright, hardworking" people.

"Most shoots I'm working with people I've known for years, so it's always good energy. To be a successful model, you have to be a team player and trouper," she explained to America's Harper's Bazaar magazine. "Your reputation is everything in the entertainment industry, and everyone talks. I love this saying, 'It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a single act to destroy it.' You're lucky if you get an opportunity, and if you do you've got to make the best out of it. You've got to show up and work hard."

One way in which the mood is kept positive is by having music blasting out, though there are some occasions which require a more serious atmosphere.

Rosie splits her time between Los Angeles and the UK, where she's from. When in the States she enjoys the freedom of driving herself around, but when back home in Plymouth, Devon, she is quick to call her parents and sister to escort her. And every time she hits London she has a driver called Vic who takes her from place to place, as he has been doing since her career started.

And it seems her outlook on style has remained the same over the years as she still has a simple approach.

"It takes me ten minutes to pick an outfit. I don't have any set uniform. I always think about where my day is going to take me and how I want to feel," she added.

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