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Rosie Fortescue names nail polish after her dog

Rosie Fortescue names nail polish after her dog

Rosie Fortescue has named one of the Nailed London nail polishes after her dog.

The 'Made In Chelsea' star - who launched her beauty line in September last year, which includes 28 shades with a high shine finish - has revealed the title of the nude pink shade of varnish Noodle Nude was inspired by her pet pooch, and is her "favourite" colour out of the entire range.

Speaking about her essential products from the collection, the brunette beauty said: "This is one of my favourite shades as it's named after my dog. It's the perfect tone of nude for summer and winter."

And the television personality, who has also created four glitter effect nail varnishes and a glossy top coat, which have a gel-like finish without having to venture to a beauty salon for the UV-cured manicure - has revealed her "signature" shade is Rosie's Red, a rouge lacquer.

She added: "Every girl also needs a classic red polish, so Rosie's Red is my signature shade.

"I love wearing this shade [Thigh High Club] on my toes as it's a great deep red colour."

Although the 26-year-old style icon has revealed she prefers to wear red hues and warm rouge shades on her fingertips and toe nails, she has revealed in the summer her preference changes as the pale blue colour called Liquid Lunch is her "go-to colour" during the warmer months.

She said: "My go-to colour for my hands when the sun is out [is Liquid Lunch]."

And Rosie believes Nailed London is the ideal brand all consumers can "rely on" because she believes it is "on-trend" and "high quality".

Speaking about her cosmetics brand, she said: "Nailed London is on-trend, high quality and a nail varnish that you can rely on."

Rosie's Nailed London cosmetics are available to buy at John Bell & Broyden,,,,