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Roland Mouret venturing into handbag market

Roland Mouret venturing into handbag market

Roland Mouret is planning to launch a collection of handbags in the near future.

The French designer is known for his form-fitting geometric dresses, such as the Moon design, which created a storm after Victoria Beckham wore a hot pink version of the style to a soccer event in 2007.

Following the opening of his new flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York, Mouret is looking to move into the accessories market with a line of handbags.

"We have to move the leather goods," he told WWD. "I’ve just started the process now, but I think in one year or so we’ll launch. I’m looking to have one bag that I think is really me."

Mouret added that his bags will have a classic and simple shape, and will be designed to create the “same attraction” as a neckline. He would also like the range to be the “sort of bag that unfolds itself”, but is taking his time developing the prototype.

"Creating new categories has to be so personal for the designer. If not, most of the time, you don’t succeed. My way of thinking is to be true to myself and find the right positioning. I have to be really strategic and creative at the same time," he shared.

In spite of his growing brand, including a forthcoming boutique in Dubai, Mouret is still considering the fast fashion business model recently adopted by some top brands, including Burberry and Tom Ford.

For the London-based designer, the quality and look of his product is his top priority.

"If you have a (season-appropriate) sample and you talk about it with the customer, and she says, 'OK, I’m going to receive it in three weeks,' then she has no problem waiting. It’s when the product is separate, has no life, when it’s not right for the season that it doesn’t work," he said.

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