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Roksanda Ilincic has to be 'in control' of her fashion label

Roksanda Ilincic has to be 'in control' of her fashion label

Roksanda Ilincic has taught herself to delegate.

The 37-year-old fashion designer - who launched the first flagship store for her eponymous clothing line in Mayfair in 2014 - has admitted she always wants to be "in control" of her label, and has recently learnt to share the tasks to cope with the fast pace of the fashion industry.

Speaking about the biggest obstacle she has had to overcome with her luxury brand, she said: "That you can't do everything yourself.

"Having my own brand, I want to be in control of absolutely everything but that's hard because there's so much.

"I've had to teach myself to delegate."

And the creative mastermind - who embarked on a Masters degree in Womenswear design at London's Central Saint Martin's in 2009 - has revealed she has taken a pro-active approach to work because she doesn't understand laziness.

Speaking about the one trait she doesn't possess, the brunette beauty explained: "Laziness. I'm the complete opposite. There has to be a balance and you have to be able to switch off but I have never understood people who can never be bothered."

Meanwhile, Roksanda - who was crowned Red Carpet Designer at the British Elle Style Awards in 2013 - has revealed she has no plans to stop doing what she loves any time soon, and has no "fears" for her future career.

She said: "I don't think there is a specific thing I'd like to know, I'd just like to continue to live a happy and fulfilled life and continue to learn every day.

"My fears aren't connected to my career or myself."

And Roksanda has confessed she loves to be complimented on her ensemble, but only when it is said from the heart.

She explained: "I think everybody does [like a compliment]. And it's easier to accept a compliment if you believe it is true."