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Rodarte sisters put creativity over business

Rodarte sisters put creativity over business

Laura and Kate Mulleavy only feel excited about their work when they let their "creative voices" take the helm.

The sisters are the duo behind label Rodarte, which has famous fans like Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson lusting after its pieces. Laura and Kate maintain independence over their brand, winning awards like the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year since they founded it in 2005, and the pair has no plans to change the set-up.

"Kate and I, we run our company. We’re essentially the people that make all the business decisions," Laura told U.S. Vogue. "However, I think we let our creative voice take responsibility for everything because we count on that to be the thing that attracts people that care about our work. The times when we haven’t done it is when I feel like we haven’t been as excited about our collections and the response to them."

Laura added that she believes designers following their visions and individual voices will ensure their brands survive and thrive, rather than focusing on products that will sell.

Rodarte can now add e-commerce to its resume as the siblings have launched a website for their fashion house. Explaining their decision to go online, Laura noted that a lot of things had to be taken into consideration.

"We really started talking about doing e-commerce about a year ago, thinking about how we would want to approach it, slowly figuring out how we could develop something in a way that would reflect all the different variations of things that we do," she said. "We want to have direct access to our consumers, and also the people that would want things we have that aren’t available in smaller cities or in certain areas of the country."

Jewellery, shoes and accessories are available on the site, as well as pieces emblazoned with the word "Radarte", however the women didn't feel that runway designs would translate to online very well just yet.

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