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Rodarte's baby steps into fashion

Rodarte's baby steps into fashion

Rodarte designer Kate Mulleavy has "mentally blocked" how nervous she was at the beginning of her career.

The fashionista and her sister Laura are the duo behind the famous label, which they launched in 2005.

Since then they've had a regular spot at New York Fashion Week and have gained famous fans including Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman. But it was a different story for the pair when they were starting out.

"I've mentally blocked how nervous we were in those first meetings with Barneys and Bergdorf's. We didn't present ourselves in the way that we would now - it was a lot of baby steps and a lot of mistakes," Kate recalled to Marie Claire Runway magazine.

"We learnt as we went," Laura added. "Over the years, through different mentorship programmes [such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America], we've learnt the systems. But I think that by not knowing those things, we've come up with a business that's tailored to how we work and what we offer."

The girls showed off their Autumn/Winter 15 range in the Big Apple last month, boasting a range of leather, sparkling and velvet pieces. Neither of them studied design, and they credit their English literature and art history degrees for teaching them to be "analytical" about their surroundings.

Before a show, Laura is the one who stays calm while her sibling gets a little more sensitive. And after ten years in the business, the girls are still overwhelmed by the workload.

"It's an intense job... it never stops," Kate explained. "You never have time to think about what you've accomplished, or how much goes into everything that is being made."

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