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Robyn Lawley wore underwear on the beach

Robyn Lawley wore underwear on the beach

Robyn Lawley used to wear lingerie to the beach as she couldn't find swimwear that fit her properly.

The Australian model's curves have made her famous, landing her magazine spreads in the likes of Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan U.K. and Dazed & Confused as well as a campaign for Ralph Lauren. In 2013 she took fashion into her own hands by launching her own swim line alongside Bond-Eye Swimwear, which allowed her to cater to women suffering the same struggle she did.

“I was sick of wearing lingerie to the beach because that’s the only thing that was fashion-forward and my size,” she sighed to “(I knew) that I could be part of the solution, not the problem... Being a model first, I’ve tried on every suit you can imagine. I noticed a huge difference in swim compared to what was available in my size, so when we first started, it was refreshing to say ‘I want this fabric, or I want that cut.’”

She feels especially proud when her female family members rock her pieces as the model had always dreamed of being able to create something for those women close to her.

For those who aren't sure how to shop for swimwear themselves, the 27-year-old beauty has shared her top tips, including picking the right size. She also thinks it's important to have fun with fashion, and that people should be brave with their choices.

“I feel like swimwear has come a long way, even from when I started," she explained. "From the start, I tried to push cool suits that stylists would love and would shoot in editorials, but buyers were playing it too safe, and would never buy the edgier ones. Now we’re able to sell more of those cooler ones because they’ve seen the demand, the demand is there. Girls want to be just as cool on the beach as they are when they’re out at night.”

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