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Robyn Lawley: 'Tiny Gigi is perfection'

Robyn Lawley: 'Tiny Gigi is perfection'

Robyn Lawley thinks of herself as a normal model, until she bumps into Gigi Hadid.

Robyn never thought Sports Illustrated was on the cards when it came to her career, so was pleasantly surprised when she got the call telling her she was in.

The Australian beauty is just one of the plus-size models to feature in the new Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue, with Ashley Graham joining her in the sexy publication.

"I often used to look at Sports Illustrated and think, 'I could never look like that', so when they wanted to include me, I was like, 'what?'” she recalled to Fairfax Media. "I think regular girls could think that they could also be a Sports Illustrated model now, which is really cool."

"A lot of those girls are naturally skinny, they are just tiny little women, so it's definitely nice to have Ashley with me as well so I don't look like the sore one sticking out on the tour.

"I think I'm normal until she and I go to model parties and then I'm like: 'I'm not'. Gigi Hadid is so perfection, even her make-up, I'm just like she is so gorgeous, but is so tiny.”

Robyn also praises slender Kendall Jenner, who’s not a SI model, but is also naturally skinny, she explains.

While the 26-year-old is hailed as a plus-sized star Robyn is actually bored of labels, especially as the titles given to larger models are getting more complicated.

"You have to have in brackets when you are a plus-size model ‘visibly plus-size model’ or ‘not visibly plus-size model’. This is the new, latest thing. It's complicated, it's putting a label on label, so that's why I think we should do away with labels," she sighed.

"When a client wants to book a model, they should call up and say what size they want, there is no need for all of the labels."

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