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Robyn Lawley's Muppet brows

Robyn Lawley's Muppet brows

Model Robyn Lawley looks like a Muppet when she tries to pencil her own eyebrows.

The plus-size star oozes glamour at all times, posing for the likes of Vogue Italia, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and H&M as well as on the red carpet. She isn't all that confident when it comes to doing her own make-up though and likens her appearance after doing her own brows to Muppet Sam the Eagle.

"When I try to fill them in, I look like that blue Muppet – just straight up eyebrows," she laughed to Yahoo7 Lifestyle, recalling a particular event where she underwent the transformation.

"When I started to do it, I didn’t realise you weren’t meant to use black for dark eyebrows, you’re actually meant to do really light, taupe and no one ever told me that.

"That was an embarrassing night, there’s a lot of pictures from that night."

She pays attention to how other women approach their beauty looks in the spotlight, namely the Kardashian clan. Robyn believes the reason why they have perfected their cosmetic use is because of the constant scrutiny surrounding their appearances.

Luckily the model has learnt what works best for her, sticking to a natural look most of the time.

"I don’t do a very good job of very dramatic make-up, I’m kind of bad at it actually and if I’ve ever done my make-up for red carpet they’re like ‘fresh-faced’ or ‘bare-faced’ and that’s me trying to do a lot of make-up for a while. I’m like: ’I thought this was enough?’" she mused.

"I’ve realised with red carpet, when you think it’s enough you should probably put on another layer."

At 26, Robyn has already begun an anti-ageing regime too, moisturising as much as she can to keep her dry skin hydrated.

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