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Robyn Lawley hated her body for costing her modelling jobs

Robyn Lawley hated her body for costing her modelling jobs

Model Robyn Lawley used to hold her body accountable for her not landing modelling jobs.

The brunette beauty has graced the pages of magazines like Sports Illustrated, Vogue Italia and GQ Australia, as well as modelling for brands including Mango and H&M. Her curves are the envy of women around the world but, at a U.K. size 14 (U.S. 10), Robyn didn’t find it easy to break into the fashion industry.

“I grew up in a time where skinny was in, that was it,” she sighed to Daily Mail Australia. “I felt like there were two or three token... curvy models at the time and that was it. I tried modelling, and trying to model at a time when thin was the ideal of course it didn’t work.

“I went back and travelled for a year and backpacked and lived a life and then I started modelling at my natural size. But it sucked you know, I still hated my body for a while afterwards because I held it accountable for not working.”

Luckily the 27-year-old star finally learnt to embrace her figure, and hasn’t looked back since jumping in the deep end. She’s has even been named Westfield’s beauty and wellness ambassador Down Under - a role she never dreamed of landing with her shape.

But she still can’t get her head around the term ‘plus-size’ and recently shared her outrage at how the label isn’t accurate.

“I find it kind of degrading. If the national average is a size 14, then we shouldn’t be segregating people of that size,” she sighed to The Daily Telegraph Australia. “I feel healthy and natural at that size.”

She also admitted to receiving backlash from the plus-size community when she first addressed the term.

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