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Robert Geller fears fashion elitism

Robert Geller fears fashion elitism

Robert Geller thinks the future of men's fashion is "elite".

The German-born designer lives in America and has worked with many big brands over the years, including Marc Jacobs.

He debuted his eponymous menswear label during New York Fashion Week in 2007 and unveiled his latest collection in the Big Apple yesterday, presenting pieces such as baggy jumpsuits and khaki shorts.

Robert believes there are a lot of changes to come in the future, such as how accessible labels will be.

"I think fashion will separate itself from streetwear again. The good streetwear will stay as streetwear, and it will be made at a higher level than it was before... But I kind of loved what was happening. Fashion was becoming more democratic," he explained to Vice. "Designers were more reachable, getting away from the Karl Lagerfeld fashion-god thing. That's much more my personality. I'm not sure I'm going to be part of it, but fashion will go back to being kind of elite. There was something really nice about something that was once so unattainable becoming something that's more friendly. But the reality is the unattainability is what makes it so precious and desirable to people."

Robert doesn't want to go in that direction and compares his talents to those of a painter or construction worker - he simply enjoys making clothes.

He loves that designing has become more accessible, but believes those who have professionally trained often want to protect the "exclusive club". He does approve of some people's attempts though.

"You think that if celebrities design a collection and everybody loves it, then it kind of cheapens what you do. But having seen it from the inside with Kanye [West, who he previously worked with] and having seen his dedication, time, and effort, I really respect it," Robert added.

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