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Rita Ora: I used to hate my boobs

Rita Ora: I used to hate my boobs

Rita Ora "hated [her] boobs" when she was younger.

The 24-year-old singer - who famously loves to show off her cleavage in plunging necklines - has admitted she's now "proud of the skin" she's in, but insisted being comfortable with her body has come with age.

Rita said: "I started maturing when I was 14 and so for me I hated my boobs and I went to musical theatre school so we wore leotards and did ballet.

"I was the first one to have t*ts and I hated them until the hottest guy fancied me and then I liked them! Then I got older and started to embrace my body. It takes a while though.

"Without sounding really narcissistic I'm really proud of the skin I'm in. I've learnt I'm not supposed to be the skinniest person in the world and I'm fine with that."

The 'Poison' hitmaker - who is the new face of underwear brand Tezenis - also revealed she had been on a two week juice detox prior to her photoshoot for the company.

Speaking to, she explained: "I love to eat, so it's my diet really that I check more than working out. I work out, but not as intensely as other people. I just don't have any bread, no sugar, drink lots of water, I have fish, asparagus, no olive oil. No milk in my tea, no sugar, no honey. Just really basic and stripped back.

"For (the Tezenis shoot) I had a two week detox, a juice detox, which is the worst thing in the world. I didn't survive it, I snacked. I had salmon, asparagus and a boiled egg in the morning. It's when you think about it you get hungrier than you actually are!"