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Rita Ora doesn't 'try' to be skinny

Rita Ora doesn't 'try' to be skinny

Rita Ora doesn't need to "try" hard to have a slim frame.

The 25-year-old singer songwriter has admitted she isn't the "skinniest person in the world" but she doesn't want to be, and is more focused on being strong and boast a toned body because that comes more "naturally" to her.

Speaking about how she maintains her slender shape, the blonde beauty said: "I'm not the skinniest person in the world but I don't try to be.

"I'm more focused on toning rather than trying to be skinny, which I feel everyone should try because that comes more naturally."

However the 'Hot Right Now' hitmaker has revealed she works out regularly and is cautious of what she eats.

She explained: "I do toning exercises, pilates, yoga or a hike. If I run, I only run for about 10-15 minutes, if that. I'm really focused on being healthy rather than anything else.

"I watch what I eat but I just cut my portions in half. So if I want a burger I'll just cut it in half and eat half of it. That or I'll take the bread off and only eat the burger. Or if I want fries then I won't have a burger to go with them.

"I have smoothies in the morning. I also have eggs - I'm a pro at breakfast. For lunch I'll have some salmon and chicken and for dinner I love truffle! I'll have broccoli pasta, truffle pasta or pizza."

However, the 'America's next Top Model' judge - who has recently taken over from Tyra Banks on the modelling competition - enjoys indulging in fizzy drinks.

She said: "One of my guilty pleasures is sugary fizzy drinks. The ones that kids have that come in different colours. "Like, 'why are you drinking a green drink?!' I like to be healthy but I have what I want. I just don't eat all of it if the portion is too big."

However Rita finds it difficult following a strict diet plan and fitness regime because of her busy schedule.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: "I travel a lot so it's hard to have a regime."