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Rita Ora: Buying Chanel handbag made me feel like a lady

Rita Ora: Buying Chanel handbag made me feel like a lady

Rita Ora felt like she was "turning into a lady" when she bought her first ever Chanel bag.

The 25-year-old singer can vividly recall the first designer handbag she ever purchased with her own cash and admits it was a big moment in her style evolution.

Speaking to LOVE magazine, she said: "First thing I ever bought myself was a little Chanel bag, classic black small and it was in London. I felt like I was turning into a lady."

Rita - who has designed numerous collections for casual sports line Adidas Originals and is launching her 10th collection with the sportswear giant this year - is known for having a very eclectic style and she admits her fashion hero would be a mixture of different people, including the late great David Bowie.

She said: "My fashion hero is if David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Madonna had a baby, with Blondie (Debbie Harry) being an auntie. It's more about the attitude for me."

Rita veers from wearing high fashion pieces to sportswear and urban clothes and she won't ever limit herself to one style of garments.

The 'Coming Home' hitmaker' thinks the future lies in the hands of young people and "street culture".

She said: "I honestly believe the future of the industry is going to be about the kids and how they see the future. It's going to start involving street culture as it's slowly starting to do already with the collaborations we do with Adidas. People like myself, Kanye (West) and Pharrell what we're doing with sportswear. There's something fascinating about the unexpected to me. I wish I knew everything, but I don't; I'm just hoping it comes from a genuine place, so I can still be a huge supporter. But, hey, worst comes to worst, we can just all make our own clothes again."