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Rihanna was hands-on with sunglasses design

Rihanna was hands-on with sunglasses design

Rihanna says she "drew and drew" until she was happy with her new range of sunglasses.

The 28-year-old singer has teamed up with Dior to create her own line of eyewear and says the process of designing them was quite smooth.

She told Vogue: "I spent a day at Dior with their eyewear design team. Started by looking through all the archives to see what they've done in the past, then got acquainted with all the new materials! I literally sat there drew, and drew until I was happy with the design, and the team illustrated it for me right then and there. We picked materials and colours that same day, and after that, it was a matter of weeks before I saw the first prototype."

Each pair has 'Rihanna' engraved on the side and comes with a case with her name embedded on it as well.

The futuristic collection was inspired by La Forge from 'Star Trek' and she said: "I've always been obsessed with his eyewear, and when I got to Dior and saw all the materials I could play with, it all just came together."

And she admits the shoot for the campaign with photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino was "done under unique circumstances."

She revealed: "Came straight from a show, spent a lot of time getting my weave taken out, but once we got to set no time was wasted. He knows exactly what he wants, and does not hold back his personality, which was delightful."