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Rick Owens not convinced by see-now-buy-now

Rick Owens not convinced by see-now-buy-now

Rick Owens thinks the see-now-buy-now trend makes designers look "too desperate" to please people.

The fashion designer is a regular on the runway, most recently presenting a stripped back, simple fall 16 line in Paris at the beginning of the year (16). Many designers have decided to make their new pieces available to the public straight away, with some even allowing guests on their front row to purchase items as they came out onto the catwalk.

That idea has no appeal to the 53-year-old though, who prefers the slower pace of style.

"Right. Shop it off the runway. I am sure that there is something logical there, but I wonder if there's an alternative to that, because there is something about being too desperate to please," he mused to Interview magazine. "I think this is a fast-fashion thing that H&M and all of those people already kind of rule, and they do it so wonderfully. I don't know if we need to compete with that. Maybe we need to become even slower and less available, which is kind of ironic coming from me, selling stuff all over the internet. It sounds a little hypocritical coming from me, but I don't know if I want stuff to be accessible right away, because then that makes it just too disposable."

Despite being a big name in the industry, Rick remains a rather illusive figure. Aside from his clothes, and the occasion bold runway statement, the designer is rarely in the spotlight and doesn't feel the need to "engage" in the advertising and editorial side.

"I suppose I could have engaged more personally, but I just never did," he shrugged. "It kind of worked out for the best because any kind of success doesn't really hinge on me being that visible. Like, I don't have to actually be there when a store opens. I don't have to present my collections to editors and buyers and explain it to anybody, so that's kind of great."

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