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Rick Owens: Being fit is like being well endowed

Rick Owens: Being fit is like being well endowed

Rick Owens likens getting fit to having a massive penis.

The fashion designer made style headlines at the beginning of the year when models stormed his runway wearing clothes that flashed their nether regions.

Rick is known for his buffed up physique, and says being ripped is the same as having an impressive manhood.

"Getting fit is like having a big d**k. It gives you stupid, brutal, primal sense of self-worth and the confidence or delusion that in comparison to what you once were, you are bigger and better. It's shamelessly simplistic, but true," he wrote in Maxim magazine.

Rick turned to exercise 15 years ago when his drinking and smoking was reaching excess levels. To try and balance it out, he hit the gym - hard.

"I wasn't going to get any prettier, and vanity trumped sloth," he recalled. "At first it was all about looking better, but then it became about feeling better. Not physically, really, but mentally. I knew that I was going to the most extreme lengths to change and become something better than I was before. And that felt powerful."

Rick is confident enough to work out alone now, but says it's all thanks to the expensive trainer he used to employ. He adds that splashing the cash on fitness rather than a Bentley was a wise choice. Now his regime is so second nature, it's like brushing his teeth.

Rick strives to push his body and in keeping with his penis theme, goes as far as to say the feeling of pleasure he gets is similar to masturbation.

"When you concentrate on your body like that, you are enjoying the sensation of being alive in a very fundamental way. Of course, there are other ways to feel alive, but listening to hardcore techno through earbuds that pump bass into your gut while you're lifting something heavy in front of a mirror - and liking what you see - works for me," he stated.

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