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Richard Chai: Let's ditch style stigma

Richard Chai: Let's ditch style stigma

Richard Chai can't understand why there are "negative connotations" around men taking care of themselves.

The American designer showed during the first New York Men's Fashion Week yesterday, presenting a line full of casual jackets and baggy trousers. Big names such as Nick Jonas and Colton Haynes sat in the audience to support him.

Richard has noticed guys are putting a lot more effort into their style these days and is glad that attention to detail has become acceptable.

"Yeah, there used to be a stigma that, if someone cared about how they looked, or took care of themselves, or liked shopping, it had this very negative connotation. You weren’t masculine, or you weren’t manly," he sighed to "Now, it’s embraced by everyone. I mean, you look at basketball players, your athletes that are considered the most macho men in the world, and they’re walking around in crop pants or drop crotch pants, or long T-shirts, or whatever it may be."

The fashion star has his own style icons, citing his fashionable friends and Kurt Cobain as just some of the people whose dress sense he admires.

Many designers are quick to jump on the trend bandwagon when creating their new lines, but Richard has no interest in following the herd. He works from instinct and what he feels fits.

"For me it’s - what’s more important are the people that I’m dressing, or that buy my clothes, or are inspired by the work that I do," he explained. "That they feel something from it. And that what they wear makes them feel great, or gives them some kind of memory, or something in their life."

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