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Riccardo Tisci talks health kick

Riccardo Tisci talks health kick

Riccardo Tisci realised it was time to "take things in hand" when he turned 40.

The Givenchy designer reached the landmark age on August 1 last year and it was the catalyst for a lot of change. He realised he hadn't been looking after himself as well as he could have been, so switched up his exercise regime and diet.

"I was a basketball player from the age of nine to 18,” he told “I’m a strong runner. I was always healthy - except that I shouldn’t smoke - but I had gotten lazy. On my birthday I decided to take things in hand."

That meant being tested for foods which didn't agree with him and then investing in a personal trainer. He's now completed various combinations of running, weights and kickboxing several times a week and has seen his waistline shrink dramatically.

Helping throughout the process has been his newfound love for sweet potatoes.

"They’re good for men. I love it; it’s my latest obsession," he giggled. "I’m not one of those Italians who are obsessed with pizza and pasta."

Riccardo attended a party in honour of Carine Roitfeld's magazine CR Fashion Book this week, which coincided with the end of Fashion Week season.

That was a delight for the designer, as it allowed him one last night of fun before he settled back into his normal routine.

"This party is the best because I think it’s the one where people finally feel like, starting tomorrow, they can go back to taking good care of themselves, go back to the gym and get back to their routine,” he explained. “Before the shows, you never take care of yourself because of the crazy hours. There’s no time for the gym.”

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