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Riccardo Tisci: Studying in London was destiny

Riccardo Tisci: Studying in London was destiny

Riccardo Tisci is thankful "karma" led him to relocate to England, as he didn't want to study in Italy.

The fashion designer was born in the Italian city of Taranto and began his style journey at the Design Istituto d’Arte Applicata in Cantu. However, he only stayed there until he was 17 and at the first opportunity he got he moved to the UK to enrol at London's Central Saint Martins.

Having gone on to become one of the most famous names in the industry, Riccardo puts it all down to where he chose to learn his skill.

"I’m very proud to be Italian, but I’m thankful that karma or destiny brought me to England, then to India and then to Paris. I think it’s a perfection of coincidences. Because thank God I didn’t study in Italy," he told WWD. "I think I couldn’t develop and bring out the part of my darkness, my craziness, my extravagance. It all came out thanks to England and Central Saint Martins. They brought out, not so much my darkness, but they taught me to do something different than other people."

Riccardo currently helms label Givenchy and presented a gothic, fantastical line during New York Fashion Week earlier this month (Sept15).

His home country still holds a place in his heart and his Milan store, which Riccardo also designed, is one of his most prized accomplishments.

"It’s amazing being in Milan on such a street, and seeing all the other fashion stores which I used to see when I was a boy. Versus was there, when I was saving money to buy their jeans. It’s very emotional," he smiled. "And I’m so happy to go back to my country and do something that is openly my style. That is why I came to celebrate and even if usually we don’t do celebrations for shops. I think this is a special celebration because it is me coming back to my country, which is fantastic."

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