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Riccardo Tisci: 'People know my dark aesthetic'

Riccardo Tisci: 'People know my dark aesthetic'

Riccardo Tisci thinks it's "beautiful" that people relate the colour black to him.

The Italian fashion designer joined Givenchy in 2005 and has given the label a dark, gothic aesthetic which has won over fans such as Kim Kardashian. It took a while for the industry to embrace his edgy touch but now it has, Riccardo finally feels understood.

"When you have it in your blood, nobody can take it away," he told Time magazine when asked if he has anxiety about whether to change his aesthetic. "I worked a lot on my identity. It would make me happy when I would see journalists writing 'Riccardo Tisci black.' I didn’t invent black colour, but people related so much black to me, which is a very beautiful thing."

The fashion expert loves how people have personal tastes when it comes to outfits and splits the public into two groups; those who follow a style, and those who make one. This is what makes his job as a designer so important, as he feels he is selling an identity rather than just clothing.

"When they’ve done that, they’ve created tribes and they’ve created soldiers," he explained of the process designers go through. "You feel certain things when you go to Givenchy. Our women and our men are very strong and recognisable."

While many creative directors seek inspiration from areas such as film or magazines when dreaming up their new collections, Riccardo differs. He looks back at his own life in order to get a feel for what he can offer Givenchy customers next time round.

"This season was love," he recalled. "I suffered four years ago for love. Very strongly. I went to the dark place. And since then, I always thought that love was not there anymore. I was so scared about love and then lately I met people, and I changed. I grew up."

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