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Riccardo Tisci dropped his 'dictating' ways when working with Nike

Riccardo Tisci dropped his 'dictating' ways when working with Nike

Riccardo Tisci ditched his "dictating" ways for his Nike collaboration.

The Italian designer has teamed up with the American sportswear brand on several collections, the latest being one to celebrate the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. With pieces such as leggings, T-shirts and hoodies, Riccardo felt “challenged” creating for Nike as it was a lot more technical than what he’s used to with couture and streetwear.

"I'm used to dictating to people what I want but for this I sat down for a kind of lecture with Nike about the technology and everything they're doing,” he grinned to Britain’s The Telegraph of his trip to the brand’s headquarters in Oregon. “New fabrics, new ways to sew, new ways to do everything. It was interesting to be a student and not a teacher for a second. I was listening and watching and touching."

Rather than making items solely to be worn for working out, the fashion star wanted his garments to be approachable at all times. Not only are they perfect for performance, but they would also look fabulous worn with high heels.

“You go to yoga, you go to the gym, you go to play basketball but you don't know what to wear on top to get to the place so we have pieces for before and after as well," he explained, adding he’s pleased to have already seen people rocking his collections while out and about.

As the release coincided with the Olympics, Riccardo, 42, knew he had to represent how “incredible” the sporting event is with his designs, which meant a lot of research into the delicate floral print used.

"There are three fundamental elements; me, Nike and Brazil,” he noted. “So I studied the flora and fauna of Taranto in Italy where I'm from, Oregon where Nike is based and then Brazilian flowers. So that all came together and then if you look closely the flowers have skull faces which is a positive thing in a way- they bring luck!"

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