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Reed Krakoff's unique Kohl's collection

Reed Krakoff's unique Kohl's collection

Reed Krakoff gave his debut Kohl's collection an "artisanal" touch to make it unique.

The former Coach creative director has collaborated with Kohl's on a line of handbags, set to drop later this month (Apr16). They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, with prices ranging from $15 to $129.

Reed was inspired when he noticed a gap in the market for high-quality, yet affordable, accessories.

"If you walk into a department store, everyone basically has the same silhouettes," he told Fashionista. "There's a quality piece that people associate with luxury and it has nothing to do with price: there are very expensive bags that are very poorly made and there are very approachably priced bags that are very well-made.

"We wanted to bring an artisanal kind of handmade aspect to something that - it's not mass-produced, but the quantities are obviously more than one. I wanted to create that specialness that you usually get from very small productions."

Reed has already begun work on upcoming seasons with Kohl's, though no official partnership has been confirmed yet. He made sure to use soft, yet durable materials for the bags so that they're light and hold their shape when full of customer's belongings.

Reed also made sure the bags are both playful and sophisticated thanks to the bright shades and accessibility, and each piece is open to personalisation with pouches and fobs.

"(It) isn't as serious a purchase as when you’re spending lots and lots of money," he noted. "(Customers) may buy more than one bag, they may buy two or three, even. It just creates a more fun environment and again, I don't think there's anyone in that space right now. I'd be hard pressed to name an accessories brand that's in that space."

The designer hopes his handbags will be seen as functional, comfortable and most importantly, desirable.

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