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Ralph & Russo's dramatic dressings

Ralph & Russo's dramatic dressings

Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo often feel like they're in a Bond movie when helping their clients.

The couple are in a romantic relationship as well as being behind couture label Ralph & Russo, which is a favourite with stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé Knowles.

Their business started out small, with Tamara making dresses one at a time and then reinvesting what she made into more fabric. Now they have one of the biggest ateliers in the world, staffing 100 people in London and are top of the list for wealthy fashion fans.

"Clients will book an appointment right up to the wire, so that we have one hour to get them from the atelier to a flight. That’s one thing we’ve learnt how to do, actually - hold flights," Michael laughed to British newspaper The Telegraph.

Tamara added: "Sometimes it feels like a Bond movie."

Deciding to have their business in London is something of a surprise as most couture labels are based in Paris. The couple are happy with their decision though, explaining the UK capital is perfect for them because of the "very international clientele" there.

"People want the fantasy and the drama and the exclusivity and the beautiful craftsmanship of haute couture. But they want it to be able to fit into their lifestyle," Tamara explained.

The designer's career was a no-brainer for her, as she was raised by women who worked in fashion. Both her mother and grandmother made clothes for society women in her native Australia. They began teaching her how to sew, including intricate techniques, when she was ten and by the age of 15 she'd already amassed a client book.

The couple have huge plans for the future.

"Now that we have the brand and the prestige, we can expand across different products – lifestyle, accessories, ready-to-wear," Tamara said.

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