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Ralph Lauren's exciting denim designs

Ralph Lauren's exciting denim designs

Ralph Lauren wanted to experiment with his latest resort collection.

The legendary American designer has become synonymous for his use of denim throughout his career. His new line of clothing is no exception, as the 75-year-old incorporated a dark Japanese denim into his work.

"I want to experiment,” he smiled to WWD. “I’m interested in what’s exciting — what you don’t expect.”

In this latest collection that manifested in not just the material used, but the cut too. Smart, tailored jackets worked alongside chic eveningwear such as full length dresses boasting just the right amount of fullness without being impractical. Embellishment and decoration was minimal, so that the fabric he has loved for nearly 50 years remained the full focus of the garments.

"This is denim on the highest level, very sophisticated,” he added. “I think it’s one of the most exciting things [in fashion] right now.”

Ralph enjoyed working with this version of the material, which in its natural form is dry and rigid. So to make it more pliable for his designs, it was laundered at 90 degrees and dried in a special machine.

This left a much softer fabric, along the lines of silk cady. The colour was also darkened through this process, as opposed to lightened like denim is often the case.

Ralph explained that he wanted to balance structure without too much weight. This was particularly important for the gowns and dresses, and to meet that requirement of lightness, he left everything unlined.

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