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Ralph Lauren inspired by England's 'non-fashion fashion'

Ralph Lauren inspired by England's 'non-fashion fashion'

Ralph Lauren regards timeless British style as one of his the most enduring design influences.

The New York-born designer has long looked to the U.K. for inspiration as he appreciates the local people's understated and classic approach to dressing.

"I have always loved England because of the 'non-fashion fashion'," Lauren told Britain's The Times. "English style was one of my inspirations because it was not about fashion. You wear a sweater when gardening and put a patch on it and it looks great."

But Lauren is adamant that men and women will always take a different approach to fashion. The 76-year-old thinks menswear will typically always be more subtle than womenswear because men "don't want to be fashion freaks" and don't tend to live for the latest trends. Meanwhile, Lauren sees women as being "more fickle" when it comes to their attire.

"They don't care what brand it is, they want it. Women are more adventuresome; they are more experimental with dresses and skirts and shapes," he added.

For the past 11 years, Ralph Lauren has been entrusted with updating the design for Wimbledon’s on-court officials, including chair umpires, line umpires and ball boys and girls, for the annual tennis tournament. Of the opportunity, Lauren shares he is thrilled to be a part of the prestigious event, which is considered to be the oldest tennis tournament in the world.

"Wimbledon is beautiful, it is traditional," he explained. "I am a traditionalist. It's not that I am backwards, it's just that I love heritage, I love longevity, that's been my philosophy, but you constantly update that so that you look contemporary. You have to move with the times and update but understand that the past also has a wonderful sensibility."

Lauren, who made a visit to London to open the new Ralph Lauren Centre for Breast Cancer Research at The Royal Marsden in Chelsea on Tuesday (17May16), added that he plans to keep working for as long as he can.

"I feel like I'm 42. I don't feel my age," he smiled."I just keep going. I still work hard every day. I'm not ready to stop. I like what I do."

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