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Ralph Lauren considering Europe runway move

Ralph Lauren considering Europe runway move

Ralph Lauren would strongly consider moving his fashion shows to Europe.

Traditionally, the US brand has always shown during New York Fashion Week, but it's breaking with that by presenting the men's Purple Label collection in Milan on Saturday.

And according to WWD, the designer appeared open to taking his creations abroad while speaking at a preview of his men's collection last week.

He'll still be showing the Polo line at NYFW: Men's in the Big Apple next month, but this one breakaway to Italy has got him thinking.

"We are an American original brand, but we are now all international,” he considered. “I think as you live in an environment, people get to know who you are. I believe as we open stores, wherever they are, the [customer] is going to look at us without saying, ‘They’re American.’"

Ralph Lauren Polo is all about its preppy shirts, while the Purple Label embraces "effortless luxury" with soft knits and tailored trousers. They're aesthetics the designer is sure can work anywhere in the world.

“I don’t really believe there is an American look,” he said. “The obvious would be cowboy, the obvious would be preppy. But in reality there are a lot of preppy looks in Italy, a lot of preppy looks in England. There’s a more sophisticated look, too. We’re playing into all of the worlds.”

Ralph added that his brand does pay attention to its surroundings though and works hard to accommodate customers in its stores around the world. In line with this, all shops are different and the decor is always unique.

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