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Rag & Bone co-founder branches out into new denim venture

Rag & Bone co-founder branches out into new denim venture

Rag & Bone co-founder Nathan Bogle is launching a new line which aims to reclaim dead denim stock.

Bogle founded fashion label Rag & Bone along with Marcus Wainwright back in 2002, where the duo gained worldwide acclaim with their designs, before exiting the brand in 2006. Since then, he has launched and shuttered menswear collection, Jardine, before moving to Los Angeles to start up his latest fashion venture, CC15. The label starts shipping this week (ends15Jul16), with CC15 being a line of limited edition jeans which are all made in America from rejected excess fabrics. Bogle says the inspiration for the collection was spurred by a visit to a clothing factory in which he was amazed by the level of waste he saw in terms of excess leather and fabric being discarded and not reused.

"The calculation of how the leather came to be - you know, feeding the cow, raising the cow, then processing it in a very toxic fashion and then shipping it everywhere - I just thought, 'This is very inefficient and kind of reckless on my part,'" he told "(It) didn’t add up. It was sort of an epiphany and an implosion, in a way."

Accordingly, with CC15 Bogle hopes to create an affordable, conscientious clothing brand which represents a change in how clothes are made, sold, and adopted. Fundamental to this concept is a concern for the reduction of the carbon footprint, though the designer hopes to steer clear of merely focusing on delivering a "very heavy" environmental image. Bogle adds that the line will initially start with a release every few months of new styles, weights, fabrics and colours.

"We make and use whatever we find, and then the next batch will be different," he explained, adding that every item is numbered, which in turn adds to the sense of exclusivity. "(We make) limited runs based on really how much fabric we find and what we think the volume needs to be."

CC15 jeans are priced from $125 (£95) and are being sold direct through the brand's website.

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