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Rachel Zoe excited for spring style

Rachel Zoe excited for spring style

Rachel Zoe can't wait to rock fringe and lace now that spring is setting in.

The successful stylist and designer is known for her boho, quirky fashion sense, landing her clients like Jennifer Lawrence and Megan Fox. Now the warmer weather is setting in for many countries around the world, Rachel is excited about what clothes she can bring out of hiding.

"For spring, I cannot wait to wear all my mosaic-printed things, I can’t wait to wear fringe, I can’t wait to wear more lace," she told StyleCaster. "In L.A., it’s kind of spring all year, but I’m excited to wear a lot of my newest things: lace, fringe, ruffles, colour..."

While she fully embraces the rising temperatures by dressing accordingly, Rachel insists she'll never be caught wearing short shorts - no matter what the weather. She does most of her shopping online after putting her kids to bed, admitting that's when the "damage" begins. Website 1stdibs is a favourite of hers, as she shared: "Oh my God, I just bought a vintage Givenchy dress that put me in the best mood on a Saturday night at midnight."

The blonde star also revealed her style icon during her interview, citing British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as someone whose dress sense is "flawless" without trying too hard. Rachel takes note of what people are wearing on social media too, but when it comes to her Instagram favourites it isn't to do with their clothing.

"Honestly, I love following my friends, just because they post photos of kids all the time," she smiled. "I love following certain designers, like Riccardo Tisci, just because it’s beautiful imagery all the time. I love following Marc Jacobs because he’s so funny. Those are the ones that excite me. Also my friends in Europe, because I love seeing where they are."

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