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Rachel Roy urges curvy women to voice opinions

Rachel Roy urges curvy women to voice opinions

Rachel Roy thinks designers who don't cater to all figures should be "shamed".

The fashion designer recently launched her RACHEL Rachel Roy Curvy collection, which caters to women with fuller figures. With sizes 14-24 available her customers will be able to get their hands on everything from dresses, matching tops and skirts and button down shirts.

Now the range is in full swing, Rachel doesn't understand what's stopping all fashion houses venturing down the same path.

“My customers don’t want anything different. They just want it to fit, they just want to shop, they want to look cute and they want to look sexy," she told USA Today.

"Why are we not thinking in equal terms as much? It's not the shape or the size of humanity you come in it’s the work you are doing. Men and women in their roles, African American, white everything in between, to skinny to curvy. People should be looked at as people, now more than ever. Hopefully there is a little more shaming if you don't do that."

In order to achieve this, Rachel urges curvy women to voice their opinions towards labels that don't take them into account.

Social media may not be the first place people think to turn to but the fashionista insists those in the industry do pay attention to online comments.

"Voice your opinion," she recommended. "I know it feels not heard, but I know for a fact having worked in the fashion (sector), editors read your blogs. They read your Instagram comments. They read your tweets. Your letters to the editors. Designers are reading your comments and they very, very much matter."

Ultimately, Rachel wants fashion to be easy-going and relaxed, and hopes that one day it will capture the same style and grace as other areas of life.

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