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Rachel Roy determined to support artisan workers

Rachel Roy determined to support artisan workers

Rachel Roy is dedicated to working with people from third world countries to provide jobs.

The fashion designer isn't just concerned with the style world but also spends her time working on her own social enterprise, Kindness Is Always Fashionable.

Giving back is highly important to the 43-year-old, and one of the ways she does this is by working with unskilled workers from underdeveloped countries.

"We do have a choice for how we work and where we work, but for a lot of women they don't. This is a tragedy because work equals freedom," Rachel told Forbes. "It allows women to get away from poverty or abuse.

"Early on I worked into the contract with my partners that every season we would produce a product, any product, from third world countries to provide jobs. This was a hard ask as samples developed from countries that are not used to doing this; can come back poorly made or late and expensive. I had to be patient and work with people who are not trained in order to get the job done. It is not an easy ask but it is well worth it."

While Rachel knows she's in a fortunate position to be able to give back, she concedes that even if people work in "a library or you work at a retail store," there are ways to help.

She's adamant even something small can make a difference, and set up Kindness Is Always Fashionable as a platform to help women artisans around the world create sustainable income for their families and communities through design projects.

"I consider it in tandem with my own business," she explained. "I consider it as the story to my business and my brand and 'the why' to what I do. It is just my way of life."

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