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Rachel Roy: 'Creative control proved vital'

Rachel Roy: 'Creative control proved vital'

Rachel Roy's decision to ask for 100 per cent creative control of her brand worked in her favour during a court case against her former business partner The Jones Group Inc.

The designer filed a suit against the company when the group tried to sell her company to Bluestar Alliance. Rachel alleged it was done without her consent, and won the first round of the legal process in May 2014. A New York State Supreme Court justice granted her a preliminary injunction barring the sale, and the case was then settled out of court.

"Luckily, when I first signed my contract (with Jones) in 2006, I knew enough to know that I had to ask for 100 per cent creative control,” Rachel told WWD. “The judge agreed if you have 100 per cent creative control that also means you can choose who to sell your name to.”

Rachel doesn't dwell too much on the troubles though, as the situation led to her move to Los Angeles after 20 years in New York. It was when she got to the West Coast that she met Topson Downs, the company which acquired a majority stake in her brand in July 2014.

“Everything does happen for a reason,” she smiled. “I met my partners in California and I don’t know if I would’ve met them had I not moved.”

After more than a year working together, Rachel and her president Denise Johnston, and chief executive officer Daniel Abramovitch, are ready to unleash a new vision for the label. There will be a plus-size range in February 2016, plans to design jewellery, swimwear and homewear, and Rachel's book Design Your Life.

Rachel is also hoping for a second shot at the high-end market with a designer collection for spring 2017.

"It was created as a need that I had to look the same way at eight in the morning and eight at night,” she explained. “Basically, it’s for working women. If you’re not working, then it’s for women who have very full lives.”

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