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Pyper America Smith: 'People say I look like an alien'

Pyper America Smith: 'People say I look like an alien'

Pyper America Smith isn’t bothered when people say she looks like an alien.

The American model is quickly rising through the ranks of the modelling world, scoring work for the likes of Calvin Klein and Moncler. With her platinum blonde hair and huge bright blue eyes, Pyper is certainly a fashion editor’s dream. And while she admits that people often describe her appearance as being out of this world, it’s something that she has come to accept.

“A lot of people call me alien, because I have big eyes,” she told W magazine, shaking off any criticism. “A lot of people say I have an interesting look.”

Pyper’s fresh style and penchant for brightly coloured hair has garnered her all sorts of top gigs, including recently being named as the face of nail polish brand OPI’s Infinite Shine range. The model loves working with the California-based company and is a fan of their original colour options, especially as she likes to change-up her manicure regularly. Speaking about the new products in the line, Pyper thinks the formula has a professional finish, and likes the Malaga Wine polish, a deep red, in particular.

“I love to do my nails myself because I like to take the time. I'm okay at it. I cut my cuticles, juice them up with oil. I change the colour a lot, sometimes every other day. I like to switch it up a lot,” she shared.

The Utah native is part of one of the most gorgeous families around, with sisters Starlie Cheyenne and Daisy Clementine and brother Lucky Blue all forging careers in the modelling industry. The siblings also have their own surf-rock band, called The Atomics, for which Pyper plays the guitar.

And apart from her modelling work, Pyper loves nothing more than performing with the band.

“We're doing a few shows in Utah this month. Music is the main focus in my life right now. We're hopefully going to release music this fall,” she explained.

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