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Public School: Wool collection was one of a kind

Public School: Wool collection was one of a kind

Public School had to dig deep for its Woolmark Prize collection.

The brand, made up of design duo Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow, is known for its urban aesthetics with a dark colour pallet often dominating collections. They were crowned the winners of the inaugural Woolmark Prize in January (2015), and to celebrate created a line just for the occasion.

"This was a really fun project," Osbourne smiled to Matches Fashion. "We’d never done a collection using just one material so this made us dig deep into the concept and think hard."

"We imagined if this was the only fibre man could survive on – boiling it, weaving it, stretching it, exploring wool’s attributes in as many ways as possible," Chow added. "We learnt a lot ourselves doing this collection."

The line is made up of chic classics, such as hooded sweaters and slim woollen tops and shorts. Since starting out in 2010, the pair had to overcome financial difficulty and lack of industry knowledge, and they nearly pulled the plug until they were enrolled in the very first FDA fashion incubator program. Anna Wintour was one of the leaders behind the project, and both Osbourne and Chow are grateful for all the help they received.

"It was invaluable," Chow said. "We began to understand what building a label takes."

Now they've found their fashion footing, Public School has set their sights on bigger and better things. "Hey man, we’re more than happy to be where we are and take things to the next level," Osborne laughed. "We’ve learnt how to work together harmoniously, manage a team, split responsibilities while also working towards a common goal. It’s like a marriage!"

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