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Public School hires first ever president

Public School hires first ever president

Public School has found its first ever president in the form of Anthony Landereau.

The streetwear label, set up by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne in 2008, has hired the former vice president of global sales for women’s accessories at Marc Jacobs International to help expansion in both the US and globally. Anthony also boasts stints at Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenzo and Saks Fifth Avenue,

“This is our first and only president,” Dao-Yi told WWD.

“At this point in our business and with the trajectory of the brand, we thought the time was right to grow the business."

With Anthony helping bring all the designers' projects together, this will allow Dao-Yi and Maxwell to give more focus on the creative aspect of their brand.

It isn't just Public School which the duo have on their hands though; in early 2015 they became creative directors of DKNY’s women’s line. With lots of collaborations on the horizon, along with special projects, the pair are grateful to have Anthony on board.

“There’s a lot going on,” Maxwell added. “We’re spending a lot of time at DKNY and we need someone to take us in a new direction and make it a real business so we can be here forever. We know our strengths and weaknesses.”

Anthony predicts Public School is currently making annual sales of between $4 and $5 million, rising by 30 per cent per year. Since womenswear was launched for Fall 14 it's overtaken the men's side of things, with Anthony keen to expand on that.

“Women’s is growing very fast,” he noted. “I’m super excited to join the team. The line is distributed in all the majors and they’ve really cultivated a business here with amazing accounts.”

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