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Proenza Schouler designers: We have the same brain

Proenza Schouler designers: We have the same brain

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez feel like they have "one bigger brain" when they work together.

The designers created their brand Proenza Schouler when they were studying at Parsons School of Design in New York City and they are also together personally. This means they are rarely apart, which is why they believe their fashion house is such a success.

"We are together all the time which helps with the shorthand: we have the same schedule, share the same experiences, so there's no need to explain, like, the colour of the amazing yellow car we saw the other day... It's like together, we have one bigger brain," Jack told Britain's Elle magazine.

Lazaro added: "It's not like one of us is doing business and one is doing design. We are both designing everything. It's stronger that way - we are better together."

That's not to say coming up with collections is an easy process for the pair. They are always worried about moving things forward, especially as they like to keep some threads running through the brand.

"The most challenging thing for us is our interest in switching it up every season and figuring out a way to have consistency - keeping our girl the same, but still having her evolve and enter different worlds," Lazaro said.

What helps is that the duo don't live and breathe fashion. Seeing as they are with each other so much that would be easy to do, but they work hard to bring in inspiration from other things.

"We're grounded," Lazaro explained. "We're not too wrapped up in the world of fashion. I see it happen a lot that people start pulling (ideas) from fashion as opposed to other places. We keep ourselves level-headed and stay curious. That's why we place a huge importance on art to form our latest collections."

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