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Pregnant Natalia Vodianova uses belly distraction techniques

Pregnant Natalia Vodianova uses belly distraction techniques

Natalia Vodianova wears short dresses when she's pregnant so her legs distract people from thinking she's fat.

The 33-year-old supermodel is a mother of four, and is currently expecting her fifth child. She doesn't let motherhood slow her down though, and recently hosted a glitzy event called Fabulous Fund Fair in honour of her charity the Naked Heart Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children and their families. The carnival was held in London, UK, and saw games with fashion prizes on offer - such as Calvin Klein perfume for the winners in a shooting gallery.

For Natalia, the main concern was finding the right thing to dress her growing baby bump.

"It was a challenge, because I'm five months pregnant," she laughed to "For a sexy event like tonight, I'm a host. I want to look amazing. I don't want people to be like, 'Oh my gosh, Natalia's pregnant! She looks great… for a pregnant person!' I want them to just say, 'She looks great!' Without the pregnant part. The only way to avoid this is go for a short dress, tons of legs, and a loose shape. I need to bet on my legs that they'll distract everyone. I'm wearing very high heels.

"The problem with being five months pregnant is that you usually don't look pregnant enough. People look at you and go, 'What's going on with her? I'm not sure what happened to her body. Is she pregnant or is she just…'"

Natalia chose a custom made Calvin Klein minidress for the event, which was bright red and covered in sparkles. She also had hair extensions attached because she wanted to look all out sexy - and trick people into forgetting she's soon to welcome her fifth child.

The star also opened up about how the fashion industry has changed since she broke into it well over a decade ago. When Natalia was starting out it was the heady days of glitz and glamour surrounding the supermodels, but things have moved on.

"Do you know when I first started modelling, we would take off for 10 days for a magazine photo shoot. Ten. Days," she marvelled. "We could go on a trip for almost two weeks to shoot one fashion story. So there you go. You can make the conclusions yourself - you just did a shoot on your phone. Even now when you go to somewhere beautiful for a shoot, it's no more than three days. The model cannot afford it. The magazine cannot afford it. It just doesn't happen anymore."

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