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Prada unveils new multi-platform marketing strategy

Prada unveils new multi-platform marketing strategy

Prada is about to roll-out a new multi-platform marketing approach.

The Italian luxury fashion house, which specialises in handbags, shoes, ready-to-wear, perfumes and other accessories, operates over 620 directly-operated stores globally.

And as of early 2017, the company will unveil an ambitious new strategy known as Prada365, which will tell stories through print media, Internet channels, magazine adverts and social media posts.

"We always did amazing campaigns, but very often nowadays looking at one campaign, one point of view through the whole season, we got bored of ourselves very easily," Prada design director Fabio Zambernardi told Business of Fashion. "We wanted to try how that could be different. Why don't we just do smaller concepts, faster, more immediate, showing different women? We always show so many different types of women anyway, and Miuccia (Prada) liked the idea of appealing to different points of view."

Miuccia, who is the head designer of Prada and the founder of its subsidiary Miu Miu, adds the new strategy will "entertain" and "illuminate". Rather than continuing with their traditionally minimalist approach to advertising, the 67-year-old style icon hopes to tap into the social media generation with imagery that captures attention quickly.

"If you have genius ideas, you have to make them attractive," she said. "Otherwise no one listens. In my job, it's the same. But at some point, you have to go deep. So the superficial image reflects something more complex."

Art director David James describes Prada365 as a "a continuous visual data stream" and has overseen a group of high fashion images which feature models Kiki Willems and Saskia de Brauw in garments from the Spring/Summer 2017 line. Miuccia is also hopeful the strategy will help aid the brand's global appeal.

"There was sameness everywhere," she mused of the previous advertising. "Now we've started cleaning, going back to the origin, pulling back to re-focus on differences, with a more sophisticated attention to different places. The mountain is not the seaside."

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