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Prabal Gurung: Fashion is about hard work

Prabal Gurung: Fashion is about hard work

Prabal Gurung has warned people about the "grit" in fashion.

The designer has been working in the industry since the 90s, with stints at Donna Karan and Cynthia Rowley before launching his eponymous label in 2009.

His designs are often worn to star-studded events by the likes of Lady Gaga, Emma Watson and Kate Hudson. It may seem like an easy job, but Prabal insists aspiring designers shouldn't get caught up in the showbiz side of things.

"When you get into fashion, when you're not yet working in fashion, you have this idea about what the fashion world is: that it's very glamorous, it's the red carpet, it's very editorial," he explained during a talk to New York City fashion students at J. Crew's Fifth Avenue store earlier this week. "But really, what you don't understand until you get into it, is what goes on the rest of the time, which is just hard work. Besides passion and dedication, it's the grit. How long are you willing to be in it to become successful?"

Joseph Altuzarra was also present at the chat and has been a prominent figure in the world of style since launching his brand Altuzarra in 2008. He shared some pearls of wisdom with the young audience as well, insisting they shouldn't change their own dreams and ideas just because other labels are doing it differently.

"Retailers say, 'This other brand is doing well,' so it's easy to get pulled out of what your core identity is. It was also incredible to realise that it's so easy to say, 'Oh, I did a slit skirt last season so I'm not going to do a slit skirt this season,'" he explained.

In fact he believes repeating a piece will help people associate a brand with it, therefore building the label's popularity and giving it a voice.

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