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Poppy Delevingne: No caffeine for the Delevingnes!

Poppy Delevingne: No caffeine for the Delevingnes!

Model Poppy Delevingne says it runs in her family to be so energetic that there's no need for caffeine.

The 29-year-old style star is the older sister of modelling-and-acting sensation Cara, 23, and also has older sibling Chloe. According to Poppy, the Delevingne household is always buzzing with life.

“I have a lot of energy. Energy’s a very huge thing in our family; none of us need caffeine, we’re just high-energy people,” she revealed to “Sometimes I need to work that out otherwise it’s like a bomb that’s going to explode.”

However that doesn't mean Poppy is a morning person, with the fashion star revealing she wasn't "a happy bunny" when she had to be up at 8am. She gets through the early starts by taking care of herself along the way.

“I think eating really well, a good skin routine and good hair routine,” she said of her secret. “Sleeping when you’re not working (is important). Having hibernation weekends where I just sleep for hours on end. Working out when you have those spare moments. All of that is very important.”

It can be hard to squeeze exercise into her busy schedule, but maintaining a good figure is key to Poppy's career. Luckily she has a regime down to pat no matter where she happens to be.

“If I’m in America… I will track down the nearest SoulCycle wherever that is and I’ll just power through on a bike for 45 minutes. It just gets you going and it gets you hot,” she smiled. “When I’m in the UK I have a personal trainer who is wonderful and she’s hardcore and makes sure I get up in the morning and go.”

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