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Pooja Mor on staying grounded in the fashion world

Pooja Mor on staying grounded in the fashion world

Pooja Mor finds regular meditation helps her stay calm in the face of her rising modelling career.

The former beauty pageant queen was scouted via Instagram by Louis Vuitton, and made her runway debut at the French label's Cruise Show collection in 2015. She has since walked and posed for the likes of Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen and Tory Burch.

Now living in New York, Pooja admits that city living is vastly different to her upbringing in India and Pakistan. But she has a surefire way to help her cope with the stress of her gruelling schedule.

"I meditate every day," she told The Edit. "For at least 20 minutes each morning, or an hour if I have time – it’s how I stay grounded. My family is super spiritual so meditation has been part of my life since I was a kid."

The 25-year-old also swears by beauty rituals passed down through the generations of her family, and loves to use coconut oil. She claims to use the oil as a hair treatment, a moisturiser and with a wipe to remove her make-up.

"I also mix turmeric powder with rose water or milk and use it as a face mask," she shared.

Pooja, who studied engineering and was preparing to do an MBA before she entered the modelling world, also admits that she felt a sense of culture shock when she moved to the Big Apple due to the very different styles of dress people wear. The brunette beauty was surprised to find New Yorkers mostly stick to a palette of neutral tones.

"Mostly it’s white, black and gray, but my Indian closet is full of colour – everyone there is bright and enjoying life. I tried to wear colour in New York once and everybody stared at me," she laughed.

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