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Pia Mia wears crop tops to 'elongate' her body

Pia Mia wears crop tops to 'elongate' her body

Pia Mia wears crop tops to "elongate" her body.

The 19-year-old singer songwriter has revealed the skimpy tops are her wardrobe staple because she can pair them with any garment and because they make her petite five foot four frame appear taller.

She told PEOPLE: "I love crop tops. I probably have too many to count, but I love them because you can wear them with jean shorts or jeans. You can re-wear crop tops so many different ways. I'm only like 5'4″ so I feel like crop tops elongate me a little bit.

"I feel like a bandana pulls any outfit that I am wearing back to my style. I don't know why, but I just randomly started wearing it and I just never stopped.""

And the 'Do It Again' hitmaker has revealed she isn't afraid of experimenting with her style because she is eager to start new trends.

She explained: "I'm definitely not afraid to start trends.

"Sometimes I wear pieces a lot just to see if I can make it trend. For a minute I was wearing the big diamond fishnets and I would wear them under jean shorts but pull them up over the top of the jeans shorts so that you can see them come up and then I would stick my t-shirt into them. And people started wearing it! It's so cool that you can kind of own something that's so just random and make people like it. If you wear it confidently people believe in it."

Meanwhile, the Guam native has revealed she is not very good at applying her make-up, although she believes she is getting better at perfecting her beauty routine.

She said: "I definitely have gotten better at doing my own make-up. I feel like if I was going out at night and I didn't have anyone to do my make-up I would confidently be able to put something and look good.

"I always do lip liner. I colour my whole lip in with it."