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Phoebe English: I'm a designer of everything

Phoebe English: I'm a designer of everything

Phoebe English sees her latest art installation as a continuation of the clothes she makes.

The London based designer is gearing up for the opening of a new art fixture she has designed, which will be shown at the British capital's Now Gallery in Greenwich.

In keeping with her designer roots, the hanging piece is made up over 30 kilograms of hand-stitched silver glass beads.

"When you have a label you end up designing a lot of other things other than just your clothes – how you want your website to look, what you want all your paperwork to look like – and you end up being a designer of everything really. Doing the installations is for me just really a continuation of the clothes I make, it’s all part of the same body of work,” Phoebe explained to WWD.

The exhibition is called Floating, Falling, Drowning, Flying: An Instrospection of Process, with the installation hanging the length of the 22-foot high space.

There will also be information looking at how Phoebe goes about her design process, with photos, research images, swatches of material and sketches to illustrate how she works.

"It’s going to be quite a striking, glistening glass textile piece,” she commented.

The exhibition will open May 21 until August 9.

This isn't Phoebes first foray into art; she previously decorated a window of Dover Street Market’s London store for its tenth anniversary and a cabinet filled with glass jars at Comme des Garçons’ Trading Museum store in Paris which she titled An Accumulation of Nothing.

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