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Phillip Lim's Japanese love

Phillip Lim's Japanese love

Phillip Lim is enamoured with how Japanese culture is deeper than it appears on the surface.

The designer recently visited Tokyo to unveil a new installation instore as part of his brand's 10-year anniversary celebrations. His shop isn't the only reason he loves Japan though - he can't get enough of their approach to style and fashion.

“This past fall’s inspiration was Japanese, basically; Japanese objects, culture, art," he told WWD. "And I always find myself coming back to this source of inspiration because it represents something so much deeper than on the surface. I feel like in another life I was Japanese perhaps, and the way they wear clothes here is like no other because they approach it in such a naive way.

"It’s almost like the passion of getting dressed and just putting on anything together. For a designer it always proposes something new, something that I’ve never thought of because of fear, or (thinking) you shouldn’t do it, but the way they do things, it’s almost like, oh why not?”

Japan happens to be where Phillip opened his second flagship store after New York, so it felt right to return a decade after his label blossomed. 'Plant hunter' and flower artist Seijun Nishihata created the shop's special installation, filling glass orbs with water and arranging them with three different types of flowering cherry trees. They are to hang from the ceiling at various heights for a month starting Wednesday (30Mar16).

"This is the second installation of this ‘Stop and Smell the Flowers’ journey,” Phillip explained of the anniversary project, which aims to reinforce and encourage appreciation for all things. “And tonight we created this idea of showering cherry blossoms, and cherry blossoms to Japanese are so symbolic and important. It’s like spring, death and new life.”

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