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Philipp Plein: 'Sex sells in fashion'

Philipp Plein: 'Sex sells in fashion'

Philipp Plein has spoken about how important it is for him to imbue his designs with a sense of sex appeal. .

The German designer founded his brand in 2004 and is known for his edgy and racy creations, filling his recent Fall/Winter 16 collection with black leather and glistening gold material. In Plein's eyes, it is important that his designs evoke the right emotions within the customer.

"I think that sex, being sexy and feeling attractive is part of the whole industry," he told Paper magazine. "This is what the industry is about. Look at women's high heels. When a woman wears them, she looks different...

"You can see how fashion can change the mood of a person. When a woman has her flats on, or her sneakers, she walks different, she talks different, and it's the same for a man. If a man wears his sneakers and his tracksuit, he's a completely different person than when he wears his bowtie and his tuxedo. You also think different, and you behave different."

As for what Plein wears to feel sexy, the 38-year-old keeps it relatively simple and sticks to his "uniform" of a black T-shirt, leather jacket and a pair of pants. It may come as a surprise considering how extravagant his work is, but the style star insists it is comfort that makes him feel sexy, and that fashion is a celebration which should be appreciated at the right time.

He doesn't, however, think his brand is the only one which follows the outlook that sex sells.

"I think that everybody has the same approach," Plein shrugged. "In this industry, everybody wants to make people look comfortable, and feel comfortable and sexy, so that they will buy their clothes. In this industry, everybody first of all wants to make money, to sell." He notes having a strong DNA is important for a label to do well too.

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