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Philipp Plein denies copying Alexander Wang show

Philipp Plein denies copying Alexander Wang show

Philipp Plein has rejected claims that it copied aspects of Alexander Wang's H&M show.

Wang took to Instagram earlier this week (beg13Feb17) to accuse Plein Sport of copying his 2014 H&M show for its January (17) presentation, posting clips from both events alongside one another with the caption, "Can I copy your homework?" "Yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look like you copied" "ok".

However, Jennifer Leppla, marketing and communications director for Philipp Plein, Plein Sport and Billionaire, has issued a statement to WWD insisting plagiarising another label's work is "just not a possibility", and that the video footage posted by Wang is misleading.

"I was involved in every step of the production of the Plein Sport FW (sic) 1718 show, working closely with the production team, our art director Simon Costin and Mr. Plein. Actually, the photo posted by Alexander Wang is rather deceiving, because it does not show the main theme of the show, which was the two-story gym hidden behind the reflective walls, which was revealed at a certain point during the show," she said, explaining the obstacle course featured was custom made for the Parkour team and that all the sport elements involved were thought of by Plein himself and brought to life by Costin.

Leppla adds that she has worked with Plein since his first show in 2010 and can assure fashion fans that all concepts are "always born" of an original concept, with visuals developed by an in-house team.

"Copying the layout of another fashion show is just not the process used at Philipp Plein," she stated, insisting that Costin would never be involved in a project which copied another artist's work.

Wang is yet to respond to Plein's latest comments. He set his H&M event up like a race track back in 2014, a layout seen in Plein Sport last month (Jan17), and both shows also featured models wearing sportswear which was accessorised with helmets and boxing gloves.

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